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How SteadyDrive Works

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The Basics

What is SteadyDrive?

SteadyDrive is a mobile app that uses the technology in your smartphone to score how safely you drive and helps good drivers get exclusive auto insurance discounts. Once you enroll in SteadyDrive, the app analyzes your driving habits in the background over the course of the test drive. You can always check your progress toward the discount within the app.

How can SteadyDrive provide better rates?

For new customers, insurance companies base their prices on many factors like your age and credit score, and not your actual driving ability. This means you may be paying more than you should. SteadyDrive scores your driving for a few weeks and, for qualified drivers, leading insurers then provide a quote that takes into consideration your actual driving. Good drivers can save hundreds per year.

How does SteadyDrive work?

We use proprietary technology to turn raw smartphone sensor data into meaningful driving events such as hard braking, speeding, phone usage, etc. We use these events to compute your driving score. The lower the frequency and duration of these risky events, the higher the score. After the test drive, you’ll see if you qualify for a discount on your auto insurance.

I'm in! What do I do next?

Great! First, download the free SteadyDrive app. Follow the setup instructions and simply drive as you normally would.

Am I eligible for this program?

If you're a U.S. licensed driver over 18 years old, and SteadyDrive is available in your state, you are most likely eligible for this program.

How do I give SteadyDrive access to my location?

Click here for our step-by-step tutorial on how to give SteadyDrive access to your location.

What mobile devices are compatible with the SteadyDrive app?

Click here for a full list of compatible mobile devices.

Scoring and Saving

How much can I save?

It depends on your driving score. Most drivers qualify for a discount. Good drivers can save hundreds per year on auto insurance. If, for any reason, you don't qualify for your discount, your personal driving data will not be shared with insurers and won't impact your current premium or insurance quotes in the future.

Am I guaranteed a better auto insurance rate with SteadyDrive?

No. You aren’t guaranteed a better rate by using SteadyDrive. SteadyDrive helps insurance companies find safe drivers. When your test drive is complete, if your driving performance meets the standards set by the insurance carrier, your good driving will factor into the rate that the insurer offers you.

Will I pay more if I’m a bad driver?

No. Your personal data is not shared with insurance companies throughout the test drive. In addition, if you don't qualify for the discount, your personal data won't be shared with insurers, eliminating any possibility of an adverse impact on your current and future insurance premiums.

Is SteadyDrive available in my state?

We are adding new states all the time. If we are not available in your state when you apply, we will do our best to inform you when your state comes online.

Data Collection

Why do you need my location?

To compute accurate driving scores in the background, we need to understand the duration and frequency of risky events for each trip. The length and duration of each trip allow us to normalize these events based on mileage. Your location data helps us compute accurate mileage data, allowing us to provide the best possible discounts based on your driving behavior.

What other kinds of data will you collect?

SteadyDrive uses data collected from your phone, including your location, gyroscope data, and speed. Data is collected in the app but is only used to help us understand your driving behavior, score you, and offer you a discount.

Do you share my data?

Don't worry! Your control over your data privacy remains intact throughout the process. Your personal data is not shared with any insurers throughout the test drive. Once you qualify for a discount and request a quote, we ask for your permission to share your information with the insurer so you can complete the insurance quote.
You can find more information about SteadyDrive’s privacy policy here.

How much data will this use on my phone?

On average, you can expect the program to use about 100KB of data per hour of driving time. As a reminder, this data usage only applies during the test drive experience.

Will SteadyDrive drain my battery?

The short answer: no. On average, the test drive will only consume 2-4% of battery per hour of driving. But keep in mind that actual battery usage varies based on several different factors such as phone type, app usage, driving frequency, etc.

How do you know I’m driving and not a passenger in someone else’s car?

You can reclassify any trips where you were not the driver, such as if you were in the passenger seat or a rideshare car. Go to the Trips section on the app to make these changes.

Will SteadyDrive work on my phone?

Most likely. The proprietary tech used to power this program runs on most Android and iOS phones.

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