Good Drivers Save Money (Lots of $$$)

Think you're a good driver? Sign up for SteadyDrive and let your good driving work for you. You could save hundreds of dollars per year on your auto insurance.

How SteadyDrive Saves You Money:

For new customers, auto insurance companies set prices based upon things like your age and credit score, and not your actual driving ability. This means you may be paying a lot more for auto insurance than you should. SteadyDrive scores your driving for a few weeks, and then leading insurers provide a quote based on how you - yes you - drive.

Download SteadyDrive and see how your good driving could save you more on auto insurance!

How To Get Started:

Sign Up and Download

Enroll and download the SteadyDrive app


Drive normally. We use your real-time road data to save good drivers more on auto insurance.

Save Money

You could save hundreds per year!

Get Discounts

Discounted auto insurance quotes are based on your actual driving.

App Features:

• Get rated on your good driving with a personalized driving score.

• See detailed breakdowns on how your score is calculated.

• Good drivers get discounted quotes directly from leading auto insurance companies.

How Does SteadyDrive Score Your Driving?

The SteadyDrive app works with the sensors on your mobile device to collect and evaluate data while you're driving.


Hard Braking

Phone Usage


Hard Turning

Good drivers can save hundreds per year on auto insurance. 

Sign up for SteadyDrive today!

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