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SteadyDrive is the FREE app that helps you save hundreds a year on auto insurance based on how you drive!

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After a few weeks of safe driving, you could save hundreds a year from a leading insurer.

How SteadyDrive Scores Your Driving

The SteadyDrive app works with the sensors on your smartphone to collect and evaluate data while you're driving; the app records your acceleration, hard turning, speeding, phone use, and hard braking.

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Our Safe Data Guarantee

The security of your information and data is SteadyDrive's top priority. Your personal information is protected. Your driving can’t increase your current insurance and no personal information is shared with insurers to qualify you for your personalized savings offer. We value your privacy and will never breach that trust.

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John the Cook

Super Quick and Easy

It took me less than a minute to get things set up in the app, and it has a clean interface. The savings on car insurance make it well worth it!



Once you download the app you just forget about it and drive. It does all the rest! You might be surprised at your results!


Easy to use

Very easy to use didn’t have to remember to start the trip or anything and it saved me money!


Great App

Very easy to understand & was very informative regarding your overall driving ability.


Easy and informative

I used this app as a booster on steady and it was about two weeks before I logged enough drives to complete it.



The app does everything for you, it couldn’t be easier.

Join thousands of drivers just like you who are saving hundreds of dollars a year on their auto insurance. 

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